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Reason-based Thinking on Parade: Wilmington’s March for Science

Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear is the official sponsor of the March for Science – Wilmington, which anticipates a crowd of 500 science-loving locals for a rally at Roland Grise Middle School and march to Hugh MacRae Park. The march will merge with the annual Earth Day Festival at the park, where HFCF will have a booth. HFCF’s support of the march aligns with the organization’s pledge to welcome all people with an interest in promoting science-based reasoning, social justice, secularism, environmentalism, peace, and personal ecological responsibility.

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May Meeting – Humanist Celebrants and Celebration in the U.S.A.

The topic this month is “Humanist Celebration: Weddings, Memorials and Beyond…”
Our guest speaker is Han Hills, past President of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear.
Han has been practicing Humanist celebrations since 2006 and is certified by the Humanist Society.
He also presents several podcasts on Atheist topics.
What is a Humanist ceremony, and without religion why do we need them in the community?
In this session Han Hills will lay out the background to this phenomenon and explain what a “Humanist Minister” does. He will talk about the benefits and challenges of a Humanist ceremony and why we need them.
Across Europe the number of Humanist weddings and other community celebrations have rocketed in the past few years. This year the number of Humanist weddings appeared to outstrip the number of ceremonies held by the Church of Scotland, the county’s largest religious body. Here in the U.S. the trend is already starting to follow suit.

Remain with us after the meeting for a pot-luck buffet dinner, and a raffle. Bring a covered dish and an item to donate for the raffle. Soft drinks provided, BYOB  All proceeds help benefit our chapter.