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Supercharging Your Political Effectiveness with Steve Ahlquist

Steve Alhquist will speak on “Supercharging Your Political Effectiveness”. Local freethought groups sometimes struggle to gain traction when they strive to have an impact on public policy issues. Too often our concerns are dismissed by politicians and the media because of our perceived minority status. When we do get media attention, it’s too often because of who we are and not what we’re saying. Over the last four years, the Humanists of Rhode Island (HRI) have been boldly experimenting with changing all that. By joining politically active coalitions, taking strong positions on issues that are not directly related to issues of freethought and secularity, and reaching out to Interfaith and political allies, HRI has had a real impact on Rhode Island politics. Steve Ahlquist, the President of HRI, talks about the strategies employed and the successes earned, offering ideas that freethought leaders and activists may find useful.
Steve Ahlquist is a writer, artist and filmmaker. Currently he works as a reporter for Rhode Island Future, a progressive news blog. He is the co-founder and current president of the Humanists of Rhode Island, the greatest group of people in the world.

No pot luck this month, but you can bring a few snacks.