Reason-based Thinking on Parade: Wilmington’s March for Science

Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear is the official sponsor of the March for Science – Wilmington, which anticipates a crowd of 500 science-loving locals for a rally at Roland Grise Middle School and march to Hugh MacRae Park. The march will merge with the annual Earth Day Festival at the park, where HFCF will have a booth. HFCF’s support of the march aligns with the organization’s pledge to welcome all people with an interest in promoting science-based reasoning, social justice, secularism, environmentalism, peace, and personal ecological responsibility.

Wilmington’s March for Science, organized by three current and former UNCW M.S. students, is a celebration of all scientific disciplines. “We want to emphasize that science brings people together, whether we are scientists, know a scientist, or love what science does for us,” says Madi Polera. “Science is everywhere and done by everyone.”

Madi Polera standing up for clean water
March for Science organizer Madi Polera standing up for clean water

The march will being at 11am on Saturday, April 22, with a rally. Speakers include HFCF board treasurer, Phillip Drum, and HFCF member Edward Taylor, M.D.. Other speakers include Cape Fear Riverkeeper Kemp Burdette, American Psychological Association president Dr. Tony Puente, and local activist Lauren Lassiter.

HFCF support of Wilmington’s March for Science, mirrors its parent organization – the American Humanist Association – and that organization’s support of the National March for Science, which will also be held on Earth Day April 22.

The March for Science Wilmington organizers have planned multiple fundraising events, t-shirt sales, and opportunities for donations. The band Kudubai will perform at the rally.

HFCF is supporting the event with organizational advice and website development, as well as helping to coordinate a crowd-sourced video of the event, to be produced by Yellow Fin Films.

All proceeds from contributions to the March for Science, after covering march expenses, will benefit the HFCF High School Science Grants.

Hashtag for the March for Science – Wilmington is #March4ScienceILM