Humanist Reflection on the New Year

Michael Werner, President of the Board of Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear, shared his thoughts for the New Year at the HFCF Winter Solstice Dinner in December.


As members of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear, let us reflect for a moment on our lives here.

This season reminds us that in times past, people were afraid that the sun would disappear forever and during the Winter Solstice they would perform various ceremonies to bring the sun back.

humanist winter solstice

This season reminds us that even in the bleakest winter, the warming spring will return and with it renewal of the earth and ourselves.

This season reminds us we all go through our own winters and it is the love that is shared that supports us. This season reminds us that friends, family and the community we share, contain all the real values, joys, and meaning we need.

We don’t need presents, just each other’s presence. This season reminds us to celebrate this time, this place, right now in this world which is all there is and is enough to fill our hearts with joy.

We are thankful for our lives.

One thought on “Humanist Reflection on the New Year”

  1. Today is the summer solstice. For most people, that just means it s the longest day of the year and the half-way point of summer. But Humanists have been trying for the last few decades to make something more meaningful of the occasion.

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