Grants: Humanists & Freethinkers of Cape Fear High School Science Grant

grants cape fear humanistsTimeline:
Application opens: April 1, 2016
Application deadline: Rolling
Review period: Grants will be reviewed as they are received
Notification of applicants: Applicants will be notified within 60 days of receipt of proposal

HFCF Purpose

The purpose of the Humanists & Freethinkers of Cape Fear (HFCF) is (1) to lead and promote a humanistic and freethinking life stance with ideals based on ethics, freedom, rationalism, and human concerns, (2) to promote a naturalistic (as contrasted to supernaturalistic) view of all life, (3) to defend the separation of church and state, (4) to educate the public regarding humanism and freethinking, (5) to provide an environment where like-minded people can develop friendships, socialize, and support one another, and (6) to promote the welfare of humanity and the biosphere of which we are a part.

HFCF is a non-profit chapter of the American Humanist Association, established in Wilmington, North Carolina, in 2006, as a 501(c)3 organization. HFCF members are a diverse group of Humanists, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists and Skeptics who value science and reason as the best way to understand the world. The group is committed to promoting human welfare, preservation of our natural environment, and expanding the public awareness and understanding of the contributions of science to society. Through the organization’s support of local, national and global initiatives, HFCF strives to make this life and this world better for all. HFCF is committed to community volunteerism and funding of projects that align with its mission statement.

About science grants:

HFCF is concerned about the lack of resources for science education in our public high schools, and the impact this has on science-related learning. The Humanists & Freethinkers of Cape Fear 2016 High School Science Grants are intended to fund, in whole or in part, programs, activities, supplies, equipment, books and other essentials that enhance science-related education at high schools in the New Hanover County Schools system of North Carolina.

Grants with a maximum of $1,000 each may be awarded to persons currently teaching science, or a science-related curriculum, at the high school level. This award is for individual classroom teachers or small groups of teachers collaborating in one grade or across grade levels. Proposals must address the impact of the funds on a science-related educational effort, how this effort supports the mission of the applicant’s home school, and how this proposal aligns with Section 6 (above) of the HFCF purpose.

Interested teachers are invited to submit a proposal.

Procedure for completing the application:

The 2016 Grant Proposal Cover Form must be completed, signed and included as the top page of the proposal.

The proposal must be typewritten, double-spaced and single-sided, with margins of at least one inch on 8.5” x 11” paper. Font size must be no smaller than 10-point, Times New Roman, and the width between characters should be normal. Five copies of the proposal should be included in a single packet addressed to:

Humanists & Freethinkers of Cape Fear
P.O. Box 4792
Wilmington, NC 28406

Proposals must be postmarked no later than October 1, 2016. Faxed and emailed proposals will not be accepted. Teachers may submit only one proposal. Unsigned proposals will not be considered.


Application opens: April 1, 2016
Application deadline: Rolling
Review period: As received
Notification of applicants: Within 60 days


Eligible schools include: Ashley, Hoggard, Isaac Bear Early College, Laney, New Hanover, and Career Readiness Academy/Mosley Performance Learning Center.

Size of Grants:

The maximum per-project grant award will be $1000. The size and number of grants will be determined at the sole discretion of the HFCF Board of Trustees, pursuant to the recommendations of the High School Science Grant committee.

HFCF reserves the right to partially fund grants, following consultation with the prospective grant recipient.

Application process:

Each grant must include the following:

(1) Proposal Cover Form (use the attached form)
(2) Proposal (2 pages maximum)
(a) Plan: describe the what, how, and why of the proposed project
(b) Budget: include an itemized budget, presented with line items in a simple table format
(c) Outcome: explain how the plan will be evaluated to assess the impact of the project on science -related learning
(3) Principal’s Letter of Support (download here: Principal’s Letter of Support)

Reporting and Compliance:

Awardees will be required to submit a brief report, not to exceed two double -spaced pages, documenting the project’s activities, including a description of the project’s impact on students.

Grantee holds full legal and financial responsibility for its project.

Click here for a downloadable HFCF High School Science Grant RFP and Grant Application cover sheet.