Whether you’re doing research, exploring a personal philosophy, or are simply curious about humanism, the resources here are a great place to start to learning about The Humanist Philosophy:

Explanations of Humanism

  • Humanism and Its Aspirations : Humanist Manifesto III is the latest articulation of what it means to be a Humanist.
  • What Can You Believe If You Don’t Believe in God? by Michael Werner
  • What is Humanism? by Fred Edwords
  • The Humanist Philosophy in Perspective by Fred Edwords
  • Quotations from Famous Humanists

Humanist Essays

Living the Humanist Life

  • The Promise of Humanism by Fred Edwords
  • Positive Humanism by Gerald A. Larue
  • Life Is To Be Lived Now! by Fred Edwords
  • Ancient Stoicism and Rational Psychology by Fred Edwords
  • Where Can I Find Humanist Books and Films for Children and Teens? by Fred Edwords
  • Why Was I Born? A Humanistic View of Life by Lyle L. Simpson

Humanism and Traditional Religion

  • Some Reasons Why Humanists Reject The Bible by Joseph C. Sommer
  • Dealing with “Scientific” Creationism by Fred Edwords
  • Question of Evil Remains Unanswered by David B. McCalmont
  • I Was an Atheist in a Foxhole by Philip Paulson
  • Islam and Terrorism: a Humanist View by David Schafer

The History of Humanism

  • The Saga of Freethought and Its Pioneers: Religious Critique and Social Reform by Fred Edwords
  • Humanist Manifesto I
  • Humanist Manifesto II

Philosophical Questions

  • The Human Basis of Laws and Ethics by Fred Edwords
  • Is the War Between Science and Religion Over? by Norman F. Hall and Lucia K. B. Hall

Ideas for Advancing Humanism

  • Living on the Creative Edge of Our Culture by Tony Hileman
  • Myth and Symbol in the Pattern of Truth by Fred Edwords
  • Humanism Unmodified by Edd Doerr
  • Humanism with a Capital H by Harvey Lebrun
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Many of these publications can be found at the AHA publishing arm, the Humanist Press.