About HFCF

About the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear

Who We Are

Who are the Cape Fear Humanists?

The Cape Fear Humanists is a diverse group of Humanists, Freethinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, Rationalists, Skeptics, and others who question organized religion.

If you are looking for an atheist/freethinker group in Eastern NC, the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear are here for you. cape fear humanists & freethinkersMany people are surprised to find humanists, atheists, and people who consider themselves “free from religion,” in the Wilmington North Carolina area. Members of the group have made it a priority to welcome new members, and provide community for the non-religious families and individuals in Cape Fear.

Cape Fear Humanists is a non-profit chapter of the American Humanist Association established in Wilmington, NC in 2003. We welcome people with an interest in promoting social justice, secularism, separation of church and state, environmentalism, peace, and personal liberty. The Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear sponsors meetings with various nationally-renowned speakers, social events, community action activities, and partnerships with like-minded organizations throughout the Wilmington NC area.

If you would like to meet the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear through our social events or community action initiatives, please visit our Meetup page.

You can also learn about our group’s history and current priorities through the board meeting minutes and the Bylaws of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear.

What Do Cape Fear Humanists Do?

The Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear organize activities that will bring like-minded people together for fun, community, idea sharing, and education.

Building Community and Friendships

Through our Meetup group and social media, Cape Fear Humanists schedule and advertise our General Membership Meetings, social events, and community activities.

We sponsor fun activities for both adults and families, including Happy Hours and dinners for socializing, discussion groups, and kid-friendly group excursions. We always try to have a strong presence at local festivals and other community events. We believe that it is important to let others know there is a strong secular Atheist and Humanist community that welcomes inquiries and new members.

Helping Local Causes and National Initiatives

An important part of what we do is to support local, national and global initiatives to make THIS life and THIS world better for all. The Social Action Committee (SAC) of HFCF plans and coordinates the secular activism and community volunteerism of HFCF.

HFCF has pledged financial and volunteer support of Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a local non-profit group which supplies food and support to those in need without regard for race or religion. We support many groups that strive for equality and reason, the continuing separation of church and state and the fight for truth and fairness in all areas of society. We are also strongly interested in environmental issues.

Fighting for the Rights of the Freethinking North Carolinian

The Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear are the leading voice for Humanism, Freethought, Atheism and Secularism in this part of North Carolina. Our group aims to provide a strong, positive, collective presence that can respond to the negative pressures and outdated attitudes often put forward by the religious community.

Supporting Those Leaving the Bonds of Religion Behind

Many of our group have turned away from the dogmatic and repressive religious communities that continue to deny science, devalue the individual, deny the rights of women, demonize sexuality and attack education and rational thinking. A key role of Cape Fear Humanists is to provide a support network to show that Freethinkers are NOT ALONE. We want you to be a part of this community, to share your ideas, your voice and your skills to make America and the world a saner, happier and more positive place for everyone.