Anjan Chakravartty to discuss “Naturalism as a Basis for Belief”

How often do you meet someone whose job is described as “the study of Atheism, Humanism, and Secular Ethics?” The Humanists and Freethinkers of Cape Fear are proud to host renowned educator and philosopher Anjan Chakravartty, the Appignani Foundation Chair for the Study of Atheism, Humanism, and Secular Ethics at the University of Miami.

Talking Tips for Promoting Humanism | Ellen Sutliff

Ellen Sutliff, longtime member of HFCF, founder of Humanists & Freethinkers of New Bern, and board member of American Humanist Association, will explore how to talk about Humanism in her program “Talking about Humanism.” Many Humanists struggle with verbalizing what it means to be a Humanist, especially when talking with those who are religious, and (more…)

Annabelle and Aiden Author Joseph Becker Hosts Book Events with HFCF

Author Joseph Becker to Host Tandem Book Events for Children and Parents Author J. R. Becker, founder of the Annabelle & Aiden children’s book series, will present a story time and book-signing for children, and an evening program for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone with children in their lives. Story time and book signing: Saturday Nov (more…)

HFCF Wins AHA Grant for Alix Jules Speaking Tour

Alix Jules

Writer and activist Alix Jules presented a program, Race and Racism in America, which explored topics including racial tones in culture, religion, and their effect on US politics. He reviewed some of the current stats and prevailing theories that continue to shape racial dynamics, while examining the concept of privilege in the Era of Trump.