Not into Sunday service? We Feel You… Join HFCF for #ServiceSundayILM

Watch for announcements about other service-oriented events on Meetup and social media with the hashtag #ServiceSunday.

Not digging Sunday service? We get it! Come on out and join your fellow Humanists for Service Sunday. The HFCF Social Action Committee, chaired by Amber Taggert, kicked off the initiative with an event, #ServiceSunday #ServiceSundayILM, on Sunday, March 18, 11am, at Morning Glory Coffeehouse.

We spent a couple hours doing “good without god” and enjoying each other’s company. The first event (for what we hope will become a regular meeting) was “Page’s Purses and Packs.” These purses and packs were filled with personal comfort items for people currently living without shelter, and were delivered to Good Shepherd for distribution. We did this a couple years ago and it was a great feel-good success.

Here is the format of the event:

  1. Collect all items from the list below, or through the wishlist at AMAZON.COM
  2. Meet at Morning Glory Coffee Shop
  3. Grab a coffee and breakfast muffin
  4. Organize an assembly line
  5. Stuff gallon baggies with the items collected
  6. Fill the purses and packs
  7. Deliver the filled purses and packs to Good Shepherd

Items needed:

50 very gently used large shoulder strap handbags or backpacks

NEW items, all TRAVEL or MINI size:

50 total gallon size ziplock bags
50 seven day pill organizers
50 pairs cotton socks
50 cotton underwear mens and womens
50 hand warmers
50 dental floss
5 large boxes of bandaids that can be separated
50 small packs of wipes
250 tampons or sanitary napkins individually wrapped
50 travel size sunscreen
50 chapstick or small size vaseline
50 Small spray or stick deodorant
50 Travel size toothpaste
50 Kleenex tissue individual size package

You can help by contributing the items above, either shopping at a local dollar-type store, discount stores, or shopping online via our Amazon Wish List.

When you collect the items you are donating PLEASE put them in the comments below so that we don’t double up on the same items. You don’t have to buy ALL of one item, i.e. if you purchase 10 pairs of socks, put that in the comments here or the #ServiceSunday Meetup page, and we will update the list above.

This event and future #ServiceSundayILM projects will focus on community service and social activism. We will draw ideas from successful past service efforts, like Page’s Purses.

The organizing committee also welcomes suggestions from members who work with or volunteer at area non-profits and know of opportunities to put our commitment to “Good Without God” into action.

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